Don’t forget why you started!

So my first blog post hey! Iv finally managed to build my blog after a year of holding my domain and word press details to ransom. Yey to me!

First of all I would like to say thank you if you are reading this. Starting points are always  the hardest, so any support is welcomed. I want to also say a  big thank you to everybody already following my instagram / twitter / depop or etsy shop!  Every single like, follow or purchase really does mean the world to me. (hope thats not too mushy for my first paragraph lol)

For my first blog post I thought it would make sense to write about probably one of my favourite prints at the moment – Don’t forget why you started.  Not only because I have a small obsession for polka dots at the moment,  but because the impact of the words have really spurred me on to get here – writing this blog post. Getting your head around word press and domains is not easy, even if you have done it before (years ago).  It’s one of those things that takes time, perseverance and patience.  Don’t forget why you started –  is a nice little typography reminder for you to remember why you started something.

Iv been designing prints for my home for nearly a year now, (not sure where the year has gone tbh) its been more of a hobby than anything else.  A creative outlet for the evening or weekend. A small pocket of design that I have full ownership of. Where I can truly be myself, and design the things I like.

Where has it stemmed from you may be thinking?? Well my full time job is a Fashion designer specialising in women’s casual outerwear. Working in fashion is definitely one of those jobs that sound more glamorous on paper than it is in reality. Having said that, I love designing and wouldn’t change it for the world. Any how, a couple of years ago, I was working in Manchester and every body sketched by CAD (computer aided design), not by hand. like me. Otto Oh!!.. So it became very apparent that needed to learn Adobe Illustrator fast! (Big shout out to my northern colleague Tehmina for teaching me!! thanks hun!!) Since learning Adobe illustrator, I haven’t looked back. Digital design offers so much potential, and to be honest I find it incredibly fun.

So with the blog, I have gone for a very minimalist, straight forward template design, which hopefully is easy to navigate around. What do you think??  I thought there is probably no point trying to run before I can walk. So for now, nothing too fancy for me,  just a nice easy layout to showcase my work whilst I get my head around blogging again.

If you already follow me on Instagram, you may have seen Iv been busy in the office this week giving it a new lease of life. The office reveal will be coming very soon, but until then here are a few snaps I took before the little office make over!

Also here is my ‘ Don’t forget why you started!’  print in all its monochromatic glory.

Hope you like it!

Prints available to buy via Etsy or Depop.




Much Love & Peace Out!

Nat x

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