YJMT – Office Reveal.

If you follow me on instagram (@your_justmytype), then you might be aware that a couple of weeks ago I decided to revamp my little office. The main aim of the game was to create an exciting work space to encourage most of my creativity.

I decided I needed a blank canvas so began by painting the whole room white. Before it was a strange muddy clay colour on one wall and a horrible shade of nostalgic magnolia on another –  not on my watch!. Painting a room white first helps to accentuate natural light. If you saw my previous and first ever blog post for YJMT –Don’t forget why you started ( click the link to see my previous post), you can see the four white walls were nearly blinding. After living with four white walls for just a week I decided the minimal look was far to minimal for me. I need more of an impacting office to keep me inspired.

I had some left over black paint from decorating my kitchen last year, so to keep in theme with my diy black and white checker board filing cabinets, I decided to paint the back wall black and enhance the monochrome theme.

I was surprised at how well the black wall works. Well in my opinion that is lol, what do you think? The room is really quite long and thin, one of those rooms you don’t really know what to do with (before I was totally guilty of using it as a dumping ground/ washing room) So it is so nice to finally be putting an undesirable room to good use.

Annoyingly the room does not have heating plumbed in, no idea why, but in winter it really is unbearable – so hence the Faux log burner aka posh looking little heater which really is one of the most useful things in here so far.

The desk is totally just a bit of diy painted mdf sat on two jazzed up filing cabinets. Nothing to snazzy, but I hope you agree looks great for now. Majority of my accessories are either IKEA, TIGER, H&m home. Oh and thats not a sheepskin rug in one of the photos ha, thats my little soul mate- Douglas! Totally love this little dude!

The plan now, is to work out where to put shelves in such an awkward long room (suggestions welcome), search for the perfect notice board – really struggling on this one, look for a stylish magazine rack and find the perfect storage units for behind. (At the moment behind is ‘Henrietta the Hoovers’ home, lol) Oh and most importantly design and create some inspiring prints for this room. At the moment, Im featuring the following prints 1) Only dead fish go with the flow – these simple words remind me to be myself and don’t follow others! 2) Good vibes only – everyone needs a tropical reminder to think positively. (Back in stock very soon) 3) Don’t forget why you started – if you read my previous post (Don’t forget why you started) then you will already know the reasoning behind this, but if not –  when times get tedious, remember why you started what ever it may be.  Prints available to buy via DEPOP or ETSY

Any how enough of the dribble – heres the new office! Let me know what you think!





Gold wire rack shelf, Pink cups – TIGER

Lamp, cushion, wire bin, desk tidy –IKEA

Monochrome 2017 organizer – KATE SPADE

Gold bull dog clips/ paper clips – WILKOS (Bargain £2!!!!)

Heater – HOME BASE.

Rose gold circle tray, gold pear candle – H&M HOME.

Interior prints – YOUR JUST MY TYPE.

Storage boxes – BIRCH BOX (These little boxes are perfect for office use- love em!)

Marble and gold cactus planter – previous candle from WEST ELM. Obsessed with turning burnt out candle pots into cute little plant pots, Also very obsessed with WEST ELM in general!!

Much Love & Peace out! Nat x

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