So this is going to be quite a different holiday blog post to my last Palm Springs vacay which included overwhelming amounts of colour, and sun kissed skin, lol!  Desaturate that holiday by roughly 88.9% and welcome to Vancouver, Canada in November.

An amazing holiday, but jeese, I couldn’t help but feel like I was back home near Manchester. The rain was relentless. I mean, the only time it stopped raining was when we were above the rain clouds on a mountain – knee deep in snow, or on the day we left. (just typical) Even the locals were complaining about the rain at any opportunity they had. lol.

That aside, the main purpose of the trip was to see my partner’s brothers, who both live out there – which was lovely,  and lets not forget, to also capture the one unrealistic photo I had in mind. ( I blame social media for planting these ridiculous ideas)

Does, any body else do this?? See amazing photographs on Pinterest and then spend their whole holiday mentally questioning when they will get the opportunity to take that one photo, you want to remember that amazing holiday by?? No?? – just me then ha ha.

So the photo I was desperate to achieve, (in my head) was an image of me in my lilac hat & lilac hoodie, (because lilac is totally the new dusty pink btw) overlooking a lake with an incredible snow encrusted mountainous back drop, reflecting in the emerald/sapphire coloured water of the lake. Sounds dreamy doesn’t it?!

Well it is safe to say, that unfortunately the above opportunity never arose, it was a real struggle to see a lake, let alone a mountain ha ha ha. I laugh now, but it was slightly heartbreaking when we were there. And actually because of the rain, some of the photographs don’t do Vancouver (even in the rain) justice.

Luckily for me, working in fashion has taught me to improvise (alot), so when we were passing a river on the way up to the lake, (which looked like Rambo land) I insisted we get out for a photo. What can I say…. Mr Seal excelled himself. Didn’t he do well. (He loves a good photo challenge lol)  You may have seen the image I’m referring too already on pinterest, but I think what truly excites me about this image is the future plans for it, once it is printed. Dark moody teal greens, accompanied by soft dreamy lilacs and greys,  with a highlight of mustard, are all colour inspirations for redecorating the bedroom. (Roll on summer)

Im currently working into some new artworks, so if your struggling to visalise these colours working well together, then hold tight! Until then, here are just a few snaps from Canada. Ps Drinking cocktails inside are always a good way of staying dry.

N x


Downtown Vancouver.



Vandusen Gardens.


Golden Ears Lake



Above two images take on the way to Golden Ears Lake.


Cocktail & photo taken at the Cactus Club Cafe in Vancouver.



Image from Mount Washington

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